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Why don't those requesting a cease fire in Gaza take action?

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

The Socialist Labour Party has asked why those calling for a cease fire in Gaza don't take action. It has been reported on November 5th that Jordan did just that by dropping supplies to a hospital fast running out.

Now Italy is sending a hospital ship into coastal waters and considering a field hospital. Humanitarian aid is clearly possible without waiting for the United Nations to get agreement on a cease fire or humanitarian pause.

It has also been noted that a number of countries have recalled their Israeli ambassadors. However Ireland whose people have shown tremendous solidarity with Palestinians failed to do this when Sinn Fein abstained on the motion to do just that. We don't understand the failure to lose the opportunity to take a united stand against this apartheid state at odds with the will of the people and Ireland's record in standing up against oppression by occupying powers.

We call upon all those other states who have stated their solidarity with those trapped in Gaza, expressing revolt against killings and suffering from relentless bombardment, to follow Jordan and Italy in their example. Furthermore they should be prepared to take action should their aid be threatened with destruction as has happened to some of that already delivered.

In addition to announcements of numbers of dead it is rarely mentioned that thousands are still trapped in rubble, dead or alive. Reports today speak of operations carried out without power and equipment needed to carry out operations. Amputations have to take place without anaesthetic. Both Jordan and Italy must be saluted for their bold stand in giving some hope in this respect. Others still supporting this barbarity should hang their heads in shame. We hope those who elected them will take action to remove them from office and far out of positions of power. Their part in actively supplying Israel with the means to carry out these outrages gives firm ground for prosecution for war crimes. A number of commentators shown on Youtube, some of whom are close to the U.S. administration, have identified this as a possible outcome.

Arthur Scargill and John Tyrrell, Socialist Labour Party 8/11/2023

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