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Gaza Solidarity Encampment at Holyrood outside Scottish Parliament

Updated: May 6

David Jacobsen of the Socialist Labour Party in Scotland has sent pictures of the Gaza Solidarity encampment in the grounds of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. They are protesting about the Scottish and UK governments' complicity in the genocide proceeding in Gaza and vow to stay until their demands are met. This includes a permanent Ceasefire.

Hi John,

Thanks for the message.

Good progress. This is student/local communities work on the ground with  international solidarity from US  and Palestinian peace activists' fight to free Palestine.

Great determination to sustain the picket of Scottish Parliamentary representatives for as long as it takes.

The Scottish government has signed up to the false definition of anti-semitism and has a yet to test it with a prosecution in Court. 

In Solidarity,


PS rained out this morning. Morale high.

PPS Saturday a new encampment established in University of Edinburgh Balfour Quadrangle. Good two way communication between the two groups.

PPPS Today 6.5.24 morning report, to be verified) Israel State IDF has ordered evacuation of Eastern Rafa.

David Jacobsen, Socialist Labour Party Scotland 5/5/2024

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