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Ukraine. Stop the War and endless lies

Ukraine being bombed by Russia 2023. No explosion, Beirut 2020. Old, unrelated pictures are routinely used to back up false claims. The BBC exposes fake reporting while daily broadcasting propaganda instead of balanced accounts of conflict etc.

James Waterhouse the BBC Correspondent extracted an admission from the Ukrainian Soldier who was driving him to the front line. The driver said he knew the way because we ( Ukrainian Government) had been bombing this area For The Last 9 years.

I welcomed this honest report by James Waterhouse because it demonstrated that NATO and the Western Alliance have been lying about the Conflict for at least the past 18 years including its biased reports since 2014 when fascist elements overththrew the democratically elected President in a Coup d'etat

The admission by the Ukrainian Soldier exposed that the Conflict in Ukraine was deliberately started by NATO, the European Union, and the United States of America.

Britain's involvement is to be deplored and its deployment of billions of pounds weapons of war is reminiscent of its policy in the unlawful invasion of Iraq by the Blair Government in 2003.

Its time to stop supporting either side and spend the billions on the National Health Service, Social Care, the Education System. all of which should be Nationalised, and use money helping the 12-5 million old age Pensioners.

We call for an end to Britain's involvement in the Ukraine and remember the cost of its involvement in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan in the loss of life and the years of attempted occupation which lasted for 20 years only to leave countries in a worse position than they were in before the UK,'s became involved. We should remember that the UK sill occupies part of Ireland and remember the cost of that occupation.

We call for Peace not War.

Arthur Scargill

Socialist Labour Party.


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It is so easy to call for "peace" instead of war. You need to understand that the only way that russia is going to get "peace" is if Ukraine is given away. Russia provoked this war, not ukraine. Ukraine is simply defending its sovereignty as a free and independent nation. That is it.

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