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U.S.A. vetoes Gaza Ceasefire vote at the U.N.

  The vote of the Security Council supported by 13 of 15 of the permanent members, co-sponsored by 100 countries was vetoed by the USA with the UK abstaining. This vote was  crucial to stop the Genocide which is being inflicted on the Palestinian people in Gaza. It would've provided for a Ceasefire;  a permanent one, humanitarian aid, an end to the displacement of 1.9 million Palestinian people and demand the establishment of a Palestinian State.The State of Israel is being granted permission by it's ally; the USA, to carryon committing Genocide. Today, 75 years after a resolution was  brought forward from the  General Assembly on the Prevention And Punishment Of The Crime Of Genocide, the UN has shown it is powerless to stop Genocide. 

Kathrine Jones, Socialist Labour Party, Wales. 9/12/2023

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it ought ,at least, underline how the lunatic fringe of the Tories is taking over that sad party and much of the MSM . Those who felt , just thirty-odd years ago that Pinochet was a wonderful man, and that Mandela ought to have been hanged as a terrorist. Those who today back the First Lady of Ukraine who is distraught at any proposal to stop the killing , who treat war as a teenage game and who,of course, plan to use police to muzzle any dissent and to break strikes. I'm wrong, perhaps, to call it a "fringe", since there is little sign that the establishment want to"take back control" of foreign policy, welded to the White House. We…

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