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Trade Unions and Councils must take a lead in support of BDS

In view of the failure of the U.K. Parliament to call for a Cease Fire at a critical point of genocide in Gaza, with the Labour Party opposition being directed not to support it there is an urgent need for Trade Unions, Trade Councils within the Labour Movement to lead in taking action for peace and justice in Palestine.

According to the Morning Star a significant number of members of the Shadow Cabinet in Westminster have received payment from Israeli support groups. How far this has reached across all parties in the U.K. Parliament is hard to say, including affecting the vote on an immediate Cease Fire held this week. Such corrupt practices must be dealt with. Clearly the longer a cease fire takes to be put in place the longer people will die and suffer. At the moment hospitals in Gaza can no longer help save life or tended to the thousands of wounded. This is totally against International Law and those who support it must be held to account.

Chris Butler, Socialist Labour Party Yorkshire Area 17/11/2023

Boycott, Divest, Sanctions site

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