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Scargill to speak to Cortonwood Miners and their Families. Saturday, 23rd March, 2024

Updated: Mar 24

Arthur Scargill and Ken Capstick will be speaking on the 

40th Anniversary of the Miners’ Strike 1984/85 to miners and their families from Cortonwood and adjacent collieries, including

Wombwell Main, Darfield, Elsecar, Houghton Main, Mitchell Main.

Wombwell WMC

25 Station Road

Wombwell S73 0AY

Noon-6:00 p.m.

Arthur Scargill acknowledges the packed hall audience a week earlier at Hemsworth Colliery.

This was after two similar capacity meetings on 40th Anniversary of the Miners' strike 1984/5.

Videos of meetings at Hatfield and Dodsworth Collieries can be seen on this site below.

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