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I live and work in Edinburgh.

2 March 2022

Reference to the Joint Resolution Proposed by Communist Party of Ireland, Communist Party of Britain and the Tudeh Party of Iran (Morstar March 1 2022):

Para 5 Declaration "...Unilateral recognition of.." The Unilateral declaration by zionism as a useful mechanism for imperialism to carve up the Lands of Palestine created and creates an exemplar case of historic and contemporary and disregard for UN Charter and Resolutions that demand the end of the Occupation of Palestine and substantive peace negotiations.

The decades of disregard from Balfour to the present day set in motion the precedent of unhindered colonial expansion by US/NATO and EU of Yugoslavia. Decades before Repubic of Russia declared the Independence of Provinces in Ukraine, last week.

The Peace Movement demands to stop the carve up of Ukraine must Demand alongwith by force of numbers that the relevant UN resolutions are achieved: Get the Apartheid State of Israel out of the Lands it has occupied.

Final para (18):

Equal gravity of force in numbers must be harbessed to release Julian Assange from state kidnap in Belmarsh prison to his Freedom. This must be led from the front by experienced Socialist and Communist trade unionists in Britain.

Assange was a conduit for released evidence of America/Nato, CIA and junior partners' crimes on the world population.

His continued incarceration is intended as precedent to extinguish a free press within confines of imperialist desperation to justify brutalisation of peoples demands for peace and reconciliation.

David Jacobsen

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