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Refer Israel to the International Criminal Court, ICC

RTE reports on an Irish parliamentary debate advocating that Ireland should refer Israel to the International Criminal Court for its action in bringing about Genocide on a massive scale against a civilian population, including an extremely high proportion of women and children. This was raised by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald.

The most recent assaults have included children's hospitals. Already starved of the essentials to allow work to continue: power for incubators, supplies of medicine, access to heat, light and water and so on. Israel claims that people were warned to evacuate the North of Gaza, but then reports emerged of unprotected people walking along the road south, supposedly a safe thoroughfare. Similarly bombing has continued in the south of Gaza, including at the Rafah crossing which Egypt has tried to keep open for essential supplies.

Arthur Scargill, John Tyrrell, Socialist Labour Party 12/11/2023

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