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Netanyahu left holding the babies in Gaza hospital

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, (Bibi) has been left holding the babies thrown out of their incubators at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Amazingly they are not dead or buried under tons of rubble, and Israel is talking about sending ambulances to take them away. Where they don't say because there is no where to go and shortages of supplies in power, water and all essentials for life.

Maybe Bibi has a safer place to hide before being summoned to the International Criminal Court to answer accusations of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. There's quite a queue, including those world leaders who not only supported him in unleashing an unprecedented genocide of civilians, largely children and women, but who donated amazing sums of money from taxpayers, none of whom consented to this. Hopefully they will soon be out of office and lining up in the Hague.

John Tyrrell, Socialist Labour Party 13/11/2003

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