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How far right will the Labour Party leadership travel?

Rob J. Hawkins, Socialist Labour Party, South West Region 7/11/2023

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in practical terms, the Big Two oppose Proportional Representation [remember the referendum ? ] and the LibDems seem not to concentrate their energies on promoting it ,the one and only service to the UK 's peoples they could perform. That is why working women and men need to get active in , obviously, the SLP,but also in unions, co-ops, a range of "NGO's" which aim to encourage participation by His Majesty's subjects [we are not "citizens", of course ! ] in their own localities and workplaces. The forerunners of socialism in this country were ready to give their time . energy and {usually meagre] resources to the cause, which was not crude "parliamentarism"."Old" Labour at its best had some t…

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