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2/5 Labour Shadow Cabinet funded in support of Israel

It's more than likely that the vote for a Cease Fire in Gaza would have been higher in the U.K. parliament - and the result for Leader Sir Keir Starmer significantly worse - had not 2/5ths of his Shadow Cabinet had not received funding from sources in supportof Israel. The Morning Star reports donations were received by Starmer, Deputy Rayner, Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, and Shadow International Secretary, Lias Nandy. Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves was given £17,000 for a visi to Israel. More than half of the Shadow Cabinet are Labour Friends of Israel.

What goes on in Westminster is very poorly served by the so-called news services available to us which serve propaganda in place of accurate information i.e. what we all need to know. Votes on a cease fire are a matter of life and death to countless people without basic needs for existence. It is a matter that needs to be referred to the International Criminal Court when what is being supported are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

John Tyrrell, Socialist Labour Party 17/11/2023

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