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World reacts to madness unleashed on civilian population

After what must have been an endless night of death and terror in Gaza reports of international response in the United Nations general assembly indicated that a resolution from Jordan requesting "a sustained humanitarian truce leading to a cessation of hostilities" was opposed by the United States and Israel with just 12 countries supporting them. The Guardian published this information along with its updates on the ongoing genocidal action intensifying on the largely civilian population trapped in Gaza without basic necessities of life.

"Jordan’s motion was passed in New York by 120 votes to 14, with 45 countries abstaining.

The outcome was remarkable for showing the limited direct support for the world’s greatest superpower, with even France, Spain and the UK refusing to join the US in voting against the motion. The splits inside the EU, visible over recent weeks, were also laid bare, with the 27 members of the bloc voting three different ways, but the majority abstaining." Guardian 28/10/2023

Ayman Safadi, Jordan's Foreign Minister stated “It is a clear stand against Israel’s war, against the killing of Palestinians, against war crimes, on the side of international law”.

Regrettably the resolution remain "a snapshot of world opinion" rather than a binding agreement. The security council has the power to do this but has been powerless when earlier resolutions on Gaza have been vetoed by either the U.S. or Russia.

John Tyrrell, President Socialist Labour Party 28/10/2023

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There is nothing substantial in the editorial line of the Guardian which confronts the key truth- that Israel has martyred Palestinians since 1948, and continues to do so,throughout the West Bank as well as Gaza,with the complicity of the US and , of course, of the US lapdog, the UK. Israel wiped Palestine from the map in 1948 and the aim of the Zionists is , as is rarely pointed out, to drive all non-Jews from the currently "Occupied Territories" , making a Greater Israel with its "eternal and undivided capital" in Jerusalem. The UK will soon,no doubt, transfer its embassy to Jerusalem and go on cheer-leading the likes of "Honest Ben" Netanyahu ["Call me Bibi"] and his openly racis…

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