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Water shortages. A solution.

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The reason the United Kingdom and most of the world is facing water shortages is in part the closures of Reservoirs and the failure to construct new reservoirs - but the solution is to develop desalinisation plants which turn sea Water into clean Water.

We have rising sea levels, a problem which could be resolved by the desalinisation process, providing clean water not just in the United Kingdom but to the rest of the world

Water should be in public ownership throughout the world and with desalinisation we can provide water free of charge and in the process save millions of lives.

Desalinisation is needed now .




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1 Comment

the UK should revive its canals, for transport [less polluting, etc] and for eventual water supply, largely ,I understand, North to South. All this on a vast scale, such as occurred in the canal age, when large numbers of Irish navvies helped to prepare for the industrial revolution. The privatisation of water ha nothing to do with efficiency or investment and everything to do with Thatcherite fanaticism .

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