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Watching the NHS iceberg melt

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Watching the iceberg melt. The NHS is melting away in front of eyes. Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) has launched a Peoples' Covid Enquiry which is ongoing. Chaired by Michael Mansfield it is probing into what has been happening while the pandemic and other crises have turned our attention.

KONP Our latest bulletin provides essential campaigning reading to keep you up to date with all the latest NHS stories. Our editor John Lister, working with your contributions, has hand picked the best and most relevant local and national must-read stories, including:

  • The appointment of Centene boss Samantha Jones as a Downing St advisor

  • Rishi Sunak’s continued austerity for NHS

  • Soaring waiting lists and impact on cancer care

  • The widening health divide as public health budgets are cut

  • Private sector demands for changes to NHS White paper

  • Hospitals crumble … as PM’s constituency hospital is pushed up queue for funding

  • Lancashire plan killed off as Hancock shuts off capital

  • KONP People’s Covid Inquiry

  • Fighting against privatisation (various)

  • Trade union news (various)

  • Fury at Downing Street’s report that whitewashes institutional racism

  • Philippine government offers to trade nurses … for vaccines

  • HCT affiliates agree to build united pay fight

People's Covid Inquiry Podcast!

As well as announcing our latest bulletin we would like to let you know of an exciting addition to our sister organisation's ongoing People's Covid Inquiry. The People's Covid Inquiry Podfollow podcast provides the opportunity to listen to all the sessions that have so far taken place.

The thing is, this needs more subscribers to encourage the techy algorithms to recommend it to more people. It's a virtuous circle, so please, please, subscribe/follow/share while regular episodes are coming out, I am sure you will all agree that the Inquiry is a brilliant and very worthwhile initiative, so please get listening and sharing folks! Thanks as always for your continued support!

John Tyrrell 20.4.2021

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