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War Mongering Britain. A message from Arthur Scargill

Updated: Sep 22

I am appalled at the Britain is continuing to support the United States and the European Union and all the countries who are supporting Ukraine in the crisis in that Country by providing billions on armaments when it is obvious that this crisis was planned by NATO and the United States following the Coup d'etat in 2014 which led to the overthrow of the elected President.

All these countries who have and are conducting a media campaign not seen since the unlawful war against Iraq in 2003 which resulted in over a million deaths including hundreds of British citizens. The argument by all those say that they support Ukraine on the grounds that Russia have occupied areas of Ukraine stay silent about the Neo-Fascist State of Israel who on a daily basis bomb and shell the Palestinian people and evict them from their homes as part of its determination to occupy the whole Palestine.

The United States occupy part of Cuba and use it for the detention people for years without a charge or an opportunity to challenge their unlawful detention.

The billions of pounds supplying armaments, money which should be spent on our National Health Service, Education System, Care for the elderly and disabled, monies which could and should help the 14.4 million people who are existing below the poverty line.

On behalf of the Socialist Labour Party I call for an end to Britain sending weapons of war and an end NATO .

I was appalled to see the TUC support this deplorable policy. It's reminiscent of the TUC policy in its support for Lech Walesa and Solidarity. Walesa supported Margaret Thatcher and opposed the National Union of Mineworkers who were on strike. Look at the situation today in the free market.

I call on the Trade Unions to stop accusing Russia for the conflict in Ukraine when on any test the Conflict was started by NATO and the United States.

Arthur Scargill

Socialist Labour Party


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