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Union fighting for Socialism

The RMT Union banner displays its tradition of Socialism including pictures of James Connolly, founder of the Socialist Labour Party and Bob Crow, a founder member of the re-formed SLP in 1996, former General Secretary of the union. Members have been prominent in fighting against racism with leading figures bearing the scars to prove it. Claudia Jones, activist buried next to her hero, Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetary. The RMT, like the SLP, campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union from a left perspective. Prominent members like Steve Hedley, Alex Gordon and Eddie Dempsey, the latter two having spoken at a Socialist Labour Party meeting in London in October 2019 and the former standing for General Secretary's position. We value their stand against railway privatisation and for common ownership, and for their representation of both union members and the travelling public.

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