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U.S. cable just dropped in

Google has recently surfaced on a beach in Cornwall with what is described as a subsea internet cable named "Grace Hopper" after an American computer scientist. The start of the cable is in New York and one end of it has emerged in Bilbao, Spain whist the British end has come ashore later.

GCHQ, Bude Wikipedia

The site of the the Cornish beach is Bude, North Cornwall quite near to the border with Devon. A Google spokesperson, Jane Stowell, was quoted as saying that it was an "ideal, nicely protected beach and adjacent to a lot of terrestrial infrastructure needed".

The BBC with its own slant proceedings reported that the beach was facing in the directions that was required. It seems rather strange that it is necessary to be nearly up in Devon before you find a beach facing in the necessary direction.

Having said all this, isn't it a strange coincidence that the British regime has a satellite ground station and eavesdropping centre operated by British signals intelligence service known as GCHQ Composite Signals Organisation Station, Morwenstow. The alternative name for this station is GCHQ Bude.

Rob J. Hawkins, South West Region 25.10.2021

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