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U.K. Government spends billions for fascist states to kill and destroy

People in the U.K. are suffering at a time when the Tory Government, supported by Starmer's Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, are providing massive financial assistance to NATO-backed Fascist Ukraine, and togethre with the United States supporting the Fascist State of Israel. Now they have joined the U.S. in attacking the Houthis in the Yemen (whose "crime" is supporting the people of Palestine who are the victims of genocide.)

As of today, 14th January, 2024, the U.K. Government has spent, or agreed to spend £6-9 billion pounds supporting these two fascist states, money which should have been provided to our NHS, education, care for our elderly and infirm and on over 9 million unemployed (described as "economically inactive").

People should remember these facts when voting in the forthcoming General Election and when Trade Unionists have to take Industrial Action.

We need a Socialist future which would secure for all people the full fruits of their labour by hand or by brain and ensure that the billions currently being "taken" by the Multinationals is used for the benefit of all our people irrespective of Race, Religion or Ethnicity.

Socialist Labour Party 14/01/2024

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