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Truss re-tread of Thatcherism causes political and economic mayhem for Britain

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Rob Hawkins, Southwest Region 21/10/2022

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in short, Truss is insignificant personally and typical of the Tory politicians, who showed just how "party discipline" over-rules conscience and decency by voting for fracking, while simultaneously accepting their own party's estimate of the dear [£115000 p.a. for life] departed PM. One must remember that a lot of the pantomime of the Conservative in-fighting is designed to take the public's eye off the real programme, e.g. of destroying the NHS, of enslaving workers, of pursuing wars at all cost ,such as the Big Boys who fund the party want. We need to keep our eye on the ball [like a demolition ball, breaking what remains of "society"] and demand our people get back some control of politics. The …

David Jacobsen
David Jacobsen

Reference commentary by Andrew Murray mstar April 6 2022 "It bears repeating that this looming historic fall in (working class) living standards comes on top of no growth in real incomes at all. It is not a boom-and-bust cycle but a stagnation and slump cycle without apparent end. It can't be over-emphasised how much the stability of the (ruling) system relies on working people not noticing these things. Socialists first responsibility is to point them out."

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