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Tory Nerd Mentality

As with so much that the privileged, Public School educated, Boris Johnson got wrong, he used the term "herd instinct" to describe his Tory colleagues when he should have used the term "nerd instinct". To see the forced smiles from the potential future leaders of the Party is particularly sickening.

One thing that Johnson did get correct was his support for us pulling out of the European Union, but this backing was to further his own political career, not from any deep beliefs.

When choosing the new Prime Minister, it was stated in the mainstream media that the Tory voters are even more to the 'right' than many of the Tory M.P.s (if this is possible). If this is truly the case, then there is someting fundamentally wrong with our education system. Caring for other people and not aggravating other nations into unnecessary wars should be fundamentals to education. The teaching of social studies to all children should be up at the top of any educational agenda.

Unfortunately, we have in Parliament at the moment a set of people in all Parties (including Labour, LibDems, Nationalists and Greens) who go along with much of the Tory 'nerd' agenda of furthering the interests of the super-rich capitalists, bankers and privileged elite at the expense of the working class, forced to use food banks in their hundreds of thousands and scarmbling around for secure, affordable accommodation.

The whole nerd elite needs to be turfed out from being anywhere near the running of our British society.

Rob J. Hawkins, Southwest Region 9/7/2022

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The importance of the private education sector in UK, especially English, politics cannot be overstated, as it lies [!] at the base of the Establishment. Even non-standard figures in the Tory leadership [for want of a better word] are infected by the ethos of Greed Is Good which the Etons and Harrows have made it their task to promote. We have a multi-millionaire in charge of national finances [well, the front man for the puppet-masters] whose go-getting has made him and, apparently, his family trust, loads of money with no sweat. The "public schools" in particular bear a high proportion of the responsibility for the sustained undermining of UK "society" - you know, what Mrs Thatcher said doesn't exist. Their…

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