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You may have seen the disabled man complaining to Reece Mogg about having his life destroyed by being made redundant due to Tory cuts. Both the GMB and SLP were involved in a campaign to keep the disabled centre open in St Helens.This was an organised factory staffed by disabled producing concrete products like paving stones etc. Remember the song by the Bachelors "I don't want to go to work on my bike in the rain"? The Convenor told me that these workers actually enjoyed going to work. For some it was the only contact they had with other people and not a dreary lonely existence. They also had their pride and produced a useful product .The Tories took that away because it wasn't profitable enough. That disabled protester did more than the whole of the Labour opposition to expose this rotten capitalist system. Well done!

Tories seem to have stolen Labour's clothes. Out of Europe and promises of rebuilding Britain. HGV drivers on £14 per hour in Manchester and no doubt same most places.If they are serious about rebuild then they need to train and start producing at home .It's not beyond the wit of man even Boris. However Labour is now looking foolish as it just complains with no thought of rebuilding.They should reopen the disabled production centres if they are serious about rebuilding.

Ron Sinclair SLP Executive Member, Northwestern Region 5.10,2021

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