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The Peoples' Covid Enquiry

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Morning Star 7.2021

In view of the Government's stated intention to delay a review of the Covid crisis, the campaign group Keep Our NHS Public set up the Peoples' Covid Enquiry led by the distinguished human rights barrister Michael Mansfield. They have just issued an interim report which needs to be read as a matter of urgency, particularly given the complacency which is setting in with the belief that the vaccine role out is the complete answer to the problem. The enquiry took place with 9 sessions chaired by Michael Mansfield where each week experts and lay people gave evidence to a panel of senior health professionals. We were already talking about 100,000 deaths across the UK and now we have been told to expect more given the advent of a new ("Indian") variant that arrived in a period of lax border controls, particularly with people travelling to and from India where it was well known the situation had become out of control.

JT 8.7.21

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And 100 million will die as a consequence of lockdowns, crapcines and digital passports, that will ensnare an entirely new generation to the plunder of technocratic global fascism.

It was just less than 40 years ago when the 3rd Industrial Revolution smashed the miners out of a job, tearing families apart, whilst European governments concocted statistics and excuses as to why pit closures (and the closure of heavy industries besides) were necessary. At the start at least, it was stated that ‘none of this would happen if only the miners would stop striking’.

But of course, it did happen. Communists warned it would happen. Just as they warned Hitler would rise to power and cause a genocide.

How (until very…

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