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The Myth of Water Shortages

Every night on TV and every day people in the United Kingdom and worldwide are subject to film and print to people are dying as a result of drought and the lack of water, the ownership which is in the hands of this natural resource of privatised companies. who charge exorbitant prices and urge people to use less water which has seen their bills increase by 50%.

We have all the water not just in the West but enough water to provide people all over the world by using sea water which is rising at an enormous rate by developing Desalination Plants which turns sea water into clean water; indeed if we use Desalination Plants we can see the desserts bloom and the sea waters lower thus stop the erosion of our countries and the reduce the flooding which is effective countries worldwide

This innovation can only be achieved by water being taken out of the hands of privatised companies and publicly owned. This policy could start in the UK by using the £3 billion profits and these companies recorded in 2022.

Arthur Scargill

Socialist Labour Party 27/3/2023

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