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The Hypocrisy of NATO, the USA and Western Countries

The howls of outrage and protest by NATO, the USA and Western Countries about the action of Belarus in forcing down the Ryanair Aircraft down is not only outrageous but Hypocritical.

It appears that this concerted protest and call for sanctions against Belarus have conveniently forgotten the concerted action in July 2013 when the USA aided by NATO, France and Portugal forced the President of Bolivia Aircraft to land in Vienna amid suspicion that it was carrying Edward Snowden with hardly a whimper from the UK or any of the countries who are screaming their heads of at the action of Belarus.

I deplore both the action by the USA and all those who supported the action in 2013 and the action by Belarus in May 2021, but I recognise that both are part of a dangerous ongoing conflict between the USA and its allies on the one hand and Russia and China on the other hand. Any sane person will condemn both incidents and call for an end to a Cold War which could so easily turn into a real war resulting in people all over the world becoming victims of this stupidity and hypocrisy.

Arthur Scargill.


Socialist Labour Party. 29.5.2021

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