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Take action to stop Israel's barbarity

Take action to stop Israel’s barbarity

It’s time to stop simply issuing calls for a ceasefire. It’s time for the United Nations and its member countries to send armed forces into Gaza and all of Palestine to drive out the fascist occupiers who are wreaking such destruction and devastation.

The Israeli Government and the IDF are replicating the actions of Germany’s Nazis in the Second World War; their slaughter of innocent Palestinians inevitably recalls the horror of Germany’s “final solution”.

Every civilised nation should embark on a sanctions policy and call for a total boycott of all goods coming out of Israel.

Every civilised nation should expel Israeli ambassadors; they represent an evil government. Where does the United States really stand in the face of Israel’s barbarity in Gaza and in the West Bank? Where does the UK really stand?

We must make clear that the mass murder committed by Israel is “Not in my name”.

Nowhere is safe: Hospitals bombed; UN School bombed; fleeing civilians bombed; families in their own homes bombed; ambulance bombed; Rafah crossing bombed; essentials for life denied - food, water, fuel, medicines.

Arthur Scargill, Socialist Labour Party

4 November 2023

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