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Take action on multinationals profiteering on hardship

0il and Gas Companies are recording billions of profit and at a time when people in the UK and throughout the world are freezing and have no money to purchase the food that they (not the Multinationals) have produced.

The Government's and Social Democratic Politicals Parties response is to "help people by giving to Banks and Companies. In order to reduce the hardship people are enduring there is a need to impose a " windfall tax" on Companies; measures which will help pay part of of the mortgages and assist the numbers who are having to go to "Food Banks"

As a member of the Socialist Labour Party I and our Party would take all these Multinationals and all the Oil and Gas Companies into Public Ownership, and stop the theft of of pension funds which both the Government and Labour Opposition agreed should reduce the Triple Lock which was designed to ensure that on retirement their pension ( which is their deferred Pay) would never reduce their defence against government theft. To their eternal shame the Labour Party supported the Tory "Steal"

The latest " betrayal " is the Government's gift to Ukraine of £88 million whist people (particularly children are dying because they have no food or medicines ) as a result of the £billions spent by the USA and the UK over 15 years.

Our position is to keep out of Ukraine and stop the hypocrisy of helping countries whose country has been or is being occupied. If that is their policy show by example: The USA get out of Cuba and Quantanamo Bay. Help the people of Palestine by forcing Israel to get out of the lands it has illegally occupied and ensure that all the lands are handed back to the people to who they belong. Stop interfering in Hong Kong and Taiwan which legallly belong to China. and stop spending €billions trying to do to Venezuela that which you did in Chile.

Arthur Scargill, Socialist Labour Party 4.2.2022

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