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Statement on the General Election, 4th July 2024

The Tory party has at last named a date for a general election. In government they have been an utter disaster for working class people and indeed the whole country. Poverty levels increase unabated, they have led the country to a state of despair and distress under a threat of increased international destabilisation and war. Their weasel words on the genocide of Palestinians and military support for Israel makes them complicit in that genocide. Only billionaires and food banks have grown under their tenure.

And what of Starmer’s Labour Party? They are on record supporting to the hilt ALL of the Tory policies that have led to the above. They too are complicit in genocide.

Pale imitations of those two parties; Lib Dem’s, SNP or Plaid Cymru offer nothing substantially different.

That is why the Socialist Labour Party will stand candidates in the general election as an alternative to the failures of all the mainstream parties, as some call them, the unaparty!

The SLP stands on a manifesto of hope, one that deals with the injustices and inequalities that people in our society face. We want to see a socialist system whose institutions represent all the people and are democratically controlled and accountable.

The Socialist Labour Party wants to see a country and a world that is truly at peace, with liberty, justice and prosperity for all. In simple terms we want socialism.

Our demands are not excessive; our demands most moderate are, we only want the Earth.

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