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Spoiling for war

The Tripartite Agreement between America, United Kingdom and Australia is the latest hypocrisy and one which could lead to a nuclear war. It is clear that if America says jump both Britain and Australia will respond by asking "how high?".

Australia can now have nuclear submarines, with submarines produce by the United States thus making Australia a nuclear power and with the intent of patrolling the South Asia Seas and further putting an arms ring around China.

At the same time this madness threatens not only China and people in South China but it threatens people throughout the world. It is now only military crackpot Generals in the United States, who according to the US Chief of Staff, were contemplating getting rid of the President on what would on any test be a Coup d' stat.

Yet whist these nuclear mad men are sending Aircraft Carriers and other Warships into the South Asia Seas and around Russia by sending fleets in or around the Baltic Seas. Yet at the same time the United States effectively occupies South Korea and part of sovereign Cuba in Guantanamo Bay. In addition it imposes sanctions on sovereign countries such as Venezuela as it did in Chile and Vietnam as well as unlawful attacks on, and occupations of Iraq, Libya, Syria. and Grenada.

These mad men and women must be stopped. Here in the United Kingdom this stupid Trident Missile base costing £ 250 billion must end and the cost of £ 250 should be expended on our National Heath Service for patients and real wages of at least £15 an hour for all staff together with first class conditions for all NHS Staff.

Arthur Scargill

President National Union of Mineworkers 1982-2002.

Leader Socialist Labour Party.

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