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Solution to closure Of Doncaster Airport

The solution to the Closure of Doncaster Airport is simple. It should be taken into public ownership.This can be done either by the Government or by the by the a Combination of the local authorities.

Socialist Labour Party 2/11/2022

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call me a curmudgeonly Stalinist, but air travel does need to be cut back, doesn't it?we always must be wary of the presumption that capitalism's "pathological addiction to growth" [I quote Dr Richard Horton of Lancet] is unquestioned by socialists. Air travel is often unnecessary [one of my son's is a "jet-setter" in his work, with video-conferencing neglected} and is very polluting. As always, the "jobs" issue can be trotted out, as the GMB's leadership sadly did over arms, but the answer to that is find alternatives, as the Lucas shop stewards did all those years ago. New Labour has, of course, dropped its enquiry into transforming the dirty trade. The TUC should be ashamed of itself for backing …

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