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Socialist Labour Party welcomes the election of LULA DA SILVA as President of Brazil

The Socialist Labour Party welcomes the election of LULA DA SILVIA as President of Brazil. This former Trade Union Leader and Socialist previously served two wonderful terms as President of Brazil but his defeat of the Fascist Bolsonaro is a victory not just for the people of Brazil but a victory for the world.

Arthur Scargill

Socialist Labour Party 31/10/2022

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should read "than he did in his first terms"


Like Chavez in Venezuela,Lula needed to tackle the entrenched powers more vigorously in his first term than he did, leaving his less popular successor to be brought down by a pipsqueak masquerading as a Peron, or worse. Cuba showed the way, however unlikely such a revolution may appear feasible today and elsewhere, but the point is that Latin America lurches from its sort of fascism to , basically, a kind of social-democratic Left over the decades, Revolution in Brazil will come in context,one day,but we cannot expect too much from Lula, who is, in any case, an old man. We shall need to watch international developments, for example, a re-invigoration of BRICS to assess Lula's win more realistically.

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