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Shangara Singh Socialist Labour Party Candidate for Birmingham Perry Barr

Updated: 6 days ago

Shangara Singh is the Socialist Labour Party candidate for Birmingham Perry Barr on July 4th for the General Election.

Shangara has worked in the mental health service for the NHS for 25 years and is committed to the restoration of services by providing the necessary pay and conditions which will bring in staff to end backlogs of those waiting for urgent support and treatment. The SLP believes that money being spent arms, death and destruction should be used for the well being of all our citizens, not least those who provide their labour to achieve this.

Look out for the new SLP Manifesto launch. You will find this different to other Manifestos showing how consistent the party has been over many years. This can be seen at

The SLP was restarted in 1996 when a distinguished group of people came together to elect Arthur Scargill to lead. It was first founded by another celebrated group in 1903 including James Connolly.

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