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Scottish local election results for SLP candidates

North Ayrshire Council Election Results - 2022

Posted on 6 May 2022

The results for the 2022 North Ayrshire Council elections have been declared.

North Ayrshire Council is now made up of the following:

  • Scottish National Party - 12

  • Conservatives – 10

  • Scottish Labour - 9

  • Independent - 2

The first preference votes cast for the nine multi-member ward results are:

Ward 1

North Coast – 5 seats 1st pref votes

Eleanor Collier (SNP) 1,724

Todd Ferguson (Conservatives) 1,633

Jane Fraser (Alba) 100

Alan Hill (SNP) 1,325

Nick Hobson (Independence For Scotland) 72

Wendy Low-Thomson (Independent) 234

Tom Marshall (Conservatives) 1,331

James McDaid (Socialist Labour) 118

Margaret McLellan (Liberal Democrats) 203

Ian Murdoch (Independent) 1,718

David John Nairn (Green Party) 392

Valerie Reid (Labour) 995

The candidates elected are:

Eleanor Collier (stage 1)

Ian Murdoch (stage 1)

Todd Ferguson (stage 3)

Alan Hill (stage 10)

Tom Marshall (stage 12)

Turnout – 53.9%. Rejected papers – 160. Quota required – 1,641.

Ward 7

Irvine West – 4 seats 1st pref votes

Kevin Blades (Independent) 133

Bobby Cochrane (Socialist Labour) 150

Scott Gallacher (Conservatives) 932

Lewis Hutton (Liberal Democrats) 72

Tristan Lindsay (Independent) 47

Shaun Macaulay (SNP) 1,274

Sylvia Mallinson (Labour) 660

Louise McPhater (Labour) 729

Chloe Robertson (SNP) 623

Colin Turbett (Scottish Socialist) 46

The candidates elected are:

Shaun Macaulay (stage 1)

Scott Gallacher (stage 2)

Chloe Robertson (stage 8)

Louise McPhater (stage 10)

Turnout – 39.8%. Rejected papers – 142. Quota required – 934.

Note from Nick James,

Total vote Bobby Cochrane 150. Jim McDaid 118.

SSP vote in same ward as Bobby 47. TUSC in another Irvine ward 40.

Bobby Cochrane also significantly increased his vote.

David Jacobsen. Leith Walk, Edinburgh 113

Details of results through stages of votes using single transferrable vote. Click to download result for North Coast, North Ayrshire Council Election.

High time STV was used in England but politicians are dragging their feet to avoid democratic change to fair representation. First past the post is throttling the system.

Congratulations and thanks to SLP candidates who stood and achieved commendable results.

Results sent by James McDaid SLP Scottish Regions 7/5/2022

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