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Lula and Global South condemn U.S. Sanctions on Cuba

The Socialist Labour notes that the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio da Silva, "Lula" has spoken out over the continuing blockade by the United States of Cuba which has lasted for 60 years. The accusation that Cuba as a state sponsors terrorism is not universally held. Many in fact recognise that despite the vindictive and viscious attack on Cuba's fragile economy the country was exemplary in its spread of humane actions both at home, in neighbouring countries in the Caribbean, Southern America, many African countries or wherever there was desperate need Cuba responded. The Peoples' Forum stated "Cuba is a sponsor of healthcare, education, assistance and solidarity - NOT terrorism! For decades and recently during #covid, Cuba exported and trained doctors to the benefit of countries in need of them. The US, world's biggest exporter of war and weapons, has no place to judge Cuba!"

Bolivian and Argentian leaders echoed Lulas' sentiments in their addresses to the U.N. Assembly.

Socialist Labour Party 21/9/2023

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would recommend visit to Cuba, for example in work brigade ,as I did fifteen years ago. The Cuban people are trying to do things differently , with all the hostility of the US and, of course, the Right in the UK and Europe . A little gleam of hope in a world of tawdriness.

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