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Louise McDaid, Socialist Labour Party Candidate, Central Ayrshire

Updated: Jun 26

I am a former UNISON Local Government Branch Secretary and have worked in local government for over 20 years. We are living through an ongoing cost of living crisis wreaking misery upon millions of people throughout Britain whilst at the same time the wealth of billionaires exponentially grows and the number of food banks increase.The Socialist Labour Party policies deal with the injustices and inequalities that people currently face in our society. We want to secure for the people a full return of all the wealth generated by our industries and services based on common and social ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. There are those who would suggest that this idea is revolutionary, and they would be right. Compromise with crooks is no solution. It requires the removal of the small elite who control Britains economy, employment, health service, education system, pensions, and social systems. The mad obsession with the production of nuclear and conventional weapons of war, designed to destroy life, should be replaced by a commitment to save and improve the quality of life for people everywhere. We are witnessing in real time a genocide of Palestinians in the first instance in Gaza but also through Israeli government policies in the West Bank. The murderous assault on innocents by Israeli armed forces is an atrocity opposed by the overwhelming majority of countries throughout the world, yet the British Government continues to aid and abet this atrocity supported by the Labour Party. The SLP supports the Palestine right to a free and sovereign state unequivocally. The Socialist Labour Party wants to see a world that is truly at peace, with liberty, justice and prosperity for all.

p&p 49 B21 9RL

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