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Israeli Massacre

Updated: May 16, 2021


When are other Arab States going to join in the defence of the Gaza Strip and other Palestinian lands ? It's their turn today it will be your turn tomorrow unless you defend the land that has been yours for thousands of years.

As a start why are Arab State's not taking action against Israel by ceasing all trade with Israel and call for all countries to implement an international sanction on the same basis as was implemented in South Africa's apartheid system.

Nelson Mandela supported Yasser Arafat and the PLO in its campaign to demand that Israel withdraw to the border in force in 1967. At least this would be a step toward a Palestinian State in which all religions would be free to practice their faith.

If the present slaughter by the Fascist Israeli State is not stopped; then people of all lands must act in a united way (as it did in South Africa) to create the conditions which will force the end of of this religious apartheid.

Arthur Scargill.

Leader Socialist Labour Party.

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