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In November the SLP asked why concerned nations were not dropping supplies into Gaza

Updated: Mar 2

BBC News

On 8th Novermber, the Socialist Labour Party asked why all those countries calling for a cease fire and deploring what appeared an unfolding genocide of unparalled magnitude were not taking action. It had been reported that the Royal Jordanian Airforce had parachuted supplies to a besieged hospital in northern Gaza so clearly it is possible.

Since that time many nations have supported South Africa's move to take the matter to the International Criminal Court in an attempt to put a stop the unfolding destruction of Gaza with the mass killing of civilians, the majority of whom are women and children, but the SLP called on other deeply concerned nations to take action in addition to their declared expressions of outrage and horror at what we have been witnessing daily. It continues without an end in sight. On February 21st Reuters reported that "Britain and Jordan have air-dropped four tonnes of aid including medicines, fuel and food to Tal Al-Hawa Hospital in northern Gaza, Britain's foreign office said on Wednesday. The U.K.-funded aid was delivered by the Jordanian Air Force again. 'Thousands of patients will benefit and the fuel will enable this vital hospital to continue its life saving work' British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said in a statement."

"However", the report continues, "the situation in Gaza is desperate and significantly more aid is needed, and fast. We are calling for an immediate humanitarian pause to allow additional aid into Gaza as quickly as possible and bring hostages home."

We fail to understand why a "humanitarian pause" is asked for rather than demanding an immediate cease fire given that a continuation of the intensity of the destruction would likely annul the purpose of providing aid in the first place.

We continue to call on all concerned nations to take urgent action to deliver support to people now dying from hunger, thirst, lack of medical aid reportedly resorting to suicide to end their nightmarish existence. The endless discussions and delay falls into the hands of those expressing their declared intention to destroy life, if not by bombing, the onset of hunger, disease and other means of ending life.

Socialist Labour Party 26/2/2024


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