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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The Government 's decision to "award" a one percent "increase " to NHS workers is a disgrace and a. breach of its nightly TV broadcast to "PROTECT THE NHS" The Labour Party’s failure to support the Union's claim for a 12.5 percent increase demonstrates the bankruptcy of the Labour Party as an opposition party.

The Socialist Labour Party calls on the TUC and all trade unions to give full support including industrial action to our wonderful NHS and all its health and care workers.

The SLP and its Leader Arthur Scargill have always given support including industrial action to NHS Doctors, Nurses, Cleaners, Ambulance staff and all sections of the NHS.

The Socialist Labour Party calls for an immediate £20 billion investment in the NHS; an immediate investment of £20 billion and an immediate 12.5 percent increase for all NHS workers who have seen over 600 of their colleagues lose their lives. NHS workers deserve the same commitment they gave unstintingly to us in the past year and every year.

The SLP's policy can be paid for easily. Scrap the Trident Nuclear Missiles programme and cut the insane arms programme by two thirds. The obscene amount we spend on means of death should be used on improving life.

We should stop Private Hospitals, Private Doctors, Private health Schemes and stop GP Practices being owned by companies whose interest is profit not health care.

For over a year we have been told “PROTECT THE NHS” - let’s start protecting the NHS by paying all its wonderful workers a 12.5 percent increase NOW.

Arthur Scargill. President National Union of Mineworkers 1982 - 2002 Leader Socialist Labour Party

5th March 2021

Resisting Centene and the wholesale sellout of the NHS:

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