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Global outrage over state-sponsored violence in Manipur

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

A protest was held in Birmingham outside the India High Commission on 9th August 2023 against state-sponsored violence in Manipur, India, and outrageous assault on women.

Members of the West Midlands Socialist Labour Party attended the protest in solidarity with Indian Comrades and the Indian Workers' Association who organised the event. A number, including the President and Secretary are long standing SLP members.

John Tyrrell, SLP President, 11/8/2023

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1 Comment

we should urge Mr Sunak to discuss this appalling situation with Mr Modi. India has a "special relationship" with this country , historically fraught no doubt, but we can suppose -alas!- that the UK ruling class/party "speak the same language" as their Indian counterparts . In this case, as so often, the powerful are getting away with murder. Conservative Friends of India must use their voice to press for peace and justice in Manipur especially.

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