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Gigantic Capitalist Fraud and Hypocrisy Perpetrated against the Masses in Britain

There is so much fraud and hypocrisy being perpetrated against the masses at the moment that it is not easy to know where to begin but since the Virus is currently dictating much of the debate then that seems a good place to start.

We have had Government ministers applauding the nurses and other carers when these same politicians voted against pay rises for the same people. Similarly, the Tories have been pushing ahead with further privatisations of the NHS whilst apparently ‘lauding’ the effectiveness and work of the organisation. At the same time, the initial lack of Government help or interest in private care homes (which should have been integrated into the NHS) has been a disgrace.

Only large capitalist pharmaceutical companies seem to have official encouragement to develop vaccines or potential cures for the Virus. These same Companies should in fact be taken into public ownership so that easily affordable drugs can be made available if required thus excluding the ‘profit motive’ element in the health service.

Near the start of the lockdown in Britain, prominent media ‘personalities’ were blatantly encouraging people to fly to Northern Italy – where the Virus was raging. How infantile, irresponsible and idiotic was that?

The Tories have diverted Billions of our money into propping up banks and lining the pockets of wealthy financiers. The Labour Party has acquiesced in this action, basically because the leadership represents the interests of the same .1 per cent of the population. Again, it would be difficult for them to argue with these actions since Gordon Brown’s Labour regime did the same sort of thing during the 2008 economic ‘crisis’.

Having suffered years of needless ‘austerity’ (in theory to pay for the above) it looks like we are being lined up for even worse. The whole strategy is useless anyway since it is the equivalent to pumping air into a tyre with a huge hole in it. Capitalism has been shown to be a disaster worldwide, especially as far as people’s health and wellbeing is concerned with the USA and Britain near the top of the ‘ineffectiveness’ chart.

A reportedly leaked report into the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership has concluded that a section of the Party was working to lose both the 2017 and 2019 General elections. What bigger fraud upon the Labour supporting working class voters could you get? These same people now seem to hold the reins of power in that Party. The bonus for the British working class is that they indirectly and inadvertently enabled the fulfilment of the 2016 referendum result to leave the EU.

What has been obvious to all (even the politically neutral) was the attempted ‘coup’ against Corbyn’s early leadership which failed. Similarly, we saw deputy Tom Watson repeatedly ‘disloyal’ to the leader, never apparently having a good word to say about his efforts. There was also the onscreen evidence of the ‘shock’ and ‘revised comments’ that Stephen Kinnock displayed on TV when the 2017 General election results were coming in, which showed Corbyn’s ‘effort’ to be much better than the plotters expected.

The new leader, Starmer, who was, it seems, part of the ‘coup’ attempt has had a much easier ride from the mainstream media (including the BBC) than Corbyn ever had but denigration of working class supporting politicians has been ongoing for generations and has affected such prominent figures as Bevan, Tony Benn and Arthur Scargill.

Arthur has exposed more hypocrisy with a recent issued item:-


"I have all my life condemned all so- called Blood Sports and I have made clear the Socialist Labour Party has campaigned for all Blood Sports to be banned. I find the calls by British politicians for the capture and killing of wild animals in South East Asia to be banned the height of Hypocrisy. These critics are calling (correctly) for an end to the slaughter of wild animals whist pursuing or supporting the slaughter of pheasants; partridges and grouse in the name of sport. There is no difference in killing wild birds and animals in South East Asia and killing wild pheasants, partridges, grouse and deer in the United Kingdom. This deplorable slaughter should be banned. Arthur Scargill."

Who are the main people in Britain who participate in these so-called blood sports?

They are, of course, some members of the Royal Family, some aristocrats and some of the landed gentry. More hypocrisy came out the other day involving two people with interests in West Country farming. It appears that synchronised statements came out the same day from Prince Charles and the Government spokesman for the day, George Eustice. The statements related to the need for fruit pickers etc. to help get the crops in at this time of the year. There is no dispute that this is necessary. But what was being called for were ‘volunteers’ from workers who currently have some spare time on their hands. Since farmers like Eustice have been able to make use of very cheap imported labour from the EU in the past, they now need inexpensive British labour to do the job. No mention was made by either the Prince or the politician that a decent rate of pay, reflecting the expensive cost of living these days, be paid to willing workers. Further to this, we must ask why the Prince was tested for the virus well in advance of vital frontline health workers for which testing was not available.

A further source of questionable regime decision making in Britain has been the previous lack of testing or tracing of people on incoming flights. Apparently, this is now being rectified but no mention of tracing of incoming small boat and yacht visitors to our shores has been made. This is probably linked to our inability as a Country to provide accurate immigration figures.

Further hypocrisy has recently been revealed with regard to Government Ministers and advisors who do not follow their own guidelines relating to the Virus. Some of the reporting on individuals could, indirectly, be connected with the inability of the BBC, Channel 4, Labour Party leadership etc. to accept the 2016 EU referendum result and perhaps a common denominator is a strong Zionist lobby in these organisations.


Rob J. Hawkins SLP S.W. Region. 20.5.2021

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