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Gaza is a "Grave Yard for Children" says U.N.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterras has repeated his urgent call for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza immediately. He says Gaza is becoming "a grave yard for children."

Latest information from the BBC gives the following summary:

Source BBC News. It adds that this was started by the Hamas attack on 7th October when Israeli citizens were killed or taken hostage. Eyewitness accounts emerging testify to some deaths of Israelis was from the IDF itself which reacted in haste and panic when this occured. News sources have blamed Hamas entirely for thie "massacre" until now.

Egyptian President Sisi emphasised that Egypt had not closed the border to prevent aid being delivered into Gaza, but renewed bombing by Israel was the cause of the disruption. He called for immediate international intervention as an urgent necessity.

John Tyrrell, Socialist Labour Party 6/11/2023

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