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G7 Summit in Cornwall

The G7 World Leaders' summit is due to be held at Carbis Bay near St Ives in Cornwall in mid-June 2021.

The Capitalist warmongering representatives of the super-rich elites that will be attending deserve all the contempt and derision that can be thrown at them by any normal people with their heads 'screwed on' and their hearts in the right place.

Will anyone (including SLP members) be able to legally protest at this sick gathering of World parasites? According to international law, any protestors have a right to have their voices heard by those attending such a conference.

The authorities and police in Cornwall and Devon have otherplans, however. There were initial plans to allow protestors at Lemon Quay, Truro and the Hoe, Plymouth. It must be said that rather large megaphones would be required for any protestors to have their voices heard in St Ives from these two sites.

Local M.P.s have commented that these two venues are unsuitable (they would affect farmers' markets and tourist attractions) and the police and authorities are proposing that protests be held in Parks in Truro and Plymouth.

It seems the main protests within the vicinty of Carbis Bay will be by local residents whose normal daily routines will be severely disrupted. As a local Tory M.P. (Sheryll Murray) commented on BBC, however, THEY CAN ACCESS THEIR HOMES!

That's alright then!

Rob J. Hawkins, Southwest Region 17.5.2021

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the screws are tightening on protests, as this reminder shows "During the 31st G8 summit in United Kingdom, 225,000 people took to the streets of Edinburgh as part of the Make Poverty History campaign calling for Trade Justice, Debt Relief and Better Aid. Numerous other demonstrations also took place challenging the legitimacy of the G8."[wikipedia] Basically, the mega-rich are still scared that they will be rumbled in their dirty schemes . A really independent UK would cut ties with this and related "international" bodies- we don't need to be dictated to by foreign corporatists/plutocrats, we have enough of our own !


David Jacobsen
David Jacobsen
May 22, 2021

UK is Forth in G7 overseas aid doners. That speaks volumes about the inadequate assistance given to poorer nations robbed for decades by Western capitalism. To slash life saving aid rather than increase it during a world pandemic is expected from right wing panderers to the the knee jerk populism honed by modern facism.

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