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Fight the Occupiers

The United Nations resolution calling for the fascist state of Israel to implement a humanitarian truce is useless – countries which supported this resolution should act now by flying transport planes over Gaza and parachuting in food, water, medical supplies and whatever can be distributed in this way to the innocent people whose Palestine – the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem – has been unlawfully occupied by Israel since 1967.

The fascist leadership of the state of Israel continues to carry out the seizure of land and conduct constant attacks on occupied Palestine, and has driven out the Palestinian people for over half a century in defiance of the Geneva Convention and a myriad of United Nations resolutions.

The United States, NATO, the European Union and the United Kingdom have all carried out numerous distributions of supplies by air. For example in 1952 in Korea, for 20 years in both Vietnam and Afghanistan and since February 2022 in Ukraine

It is the fascist leadership of the state of Israel which today reminds the world of Nazi Germany’s assault on Jewish people in countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Ukraine before and during the Second World War.

All the nations which supported the UN General Assembly resolution calling for a truce and humanitarian aid should make it clear that the leadership of Israel will be judged as war criminals for the horrors they have inflicted on the Palestinian people by the destruction of hospitals, schools, places of worship and homes.

As a young Communist, I was educated politically by the most inspirational Jewish comrades such as James Klugman, Bert Ramelson and “Shorty” Brookstone (one of the leaders of the Battle of Cable Street), and I have fought verbally and physically against anti-semitism as a member of the National Union of Mineworkers from 1953 to 2011. The long struggles against anti-semitism and the unlawful occupation of Palestine are struggles which go hand-in-hand.


Arthur Scargill


National Union of Mineworkers


Deputy Leader, Socialist Labour Party

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١ تعليق واحد

massive from Arthur, again.

We must remember that the screaming lords, chief rabbis and such are far from the only spokespeople of British Jews, and ,for every Lipman, there is a Margolyes. Jews for Justice for Palestine groups some of these brave folk, and a small charity BSST deserves acknowledgement and our support. A reminder to read Gerald Kaufman and ram his words down the throat of the fanatical "Israel-can-do-no-harm" morons.

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