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End the complicity!

The fascist state of Israel has told the world that it is only attacking Hamas in Gaza. If that was true, how do the Israelis justify bombing, shelling and shooting in cold blood the population of the occupied West Bank?

Israel’s actions are openly supported by the United States of America, the United Kingdom and most Western nations which are complicit with Israel and thus equally guilty of crimes against humanity.

It’s time for trade unions in the UK and all countries to join in openly condemning Israel, calling for sanctions and an end to the supply of arms or any trade with this fascist state.

Arthur Scargill

Socialist Labour Party

19 October 2023

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a BBC report today notes how violence in the West Bank has been widespread well before 7 October - the case against Mr Netanyahu and his cowardly crew is water-tight, and attempts to distort the matter by "terrorism" are fake. In WW2 , we fought the Germans and the Japanese, not Nazis and fascists; sadly, many ordinary Germans and Japanese {Nagasaki etc]paid for the crimes of their rulers. The Israelis deny the very existence of Palestinians.

Me gusta
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