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Drones manufactured at Shenstone in the UK killing children in Gaza

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

UAV is an Israeli company operating in the UK with one of its factories at Shenstone, near Birmingham. There are regular demonstrations there since motors for drones are manufactured here. Many protestors have been pointing this out for many years now, but this is just one of UAV's companies continuing to operate in the UK in spite of the demands on the British Government to stop arms sales to countries known to be using them against defenceless populations. Supporting Israeli owned companies in this way just adds to the revulsion felt by very many people.

A number of people are on trial following the occupation of the factory. The Morning Star reports that the trial has been delayed until 2022 because it coincides with military action currently happening in the escalating conflict where weapons such as these are in use by the Israeli Occupying Force killing and maiming civilians, including many children.

Pictures taken here were at a demonstration I attended in 2016. John Tyrrell 16.5.2021

Fire fighters refuse to help police stop drone factory shutdown.

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Haim Bresheesh Zabner's book on the Israel"Defence" Forces is currently available for free download at Verso books. Israel is similar to several of the worst Latin-American regimes in its use of armed forces to suppress dissent. The Zionist rulers of Israel have absolutely no intention of ever allowing a Palestinian state , while UK and other politicians blab on about a "two-state solution"

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