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Defend Cuba!

In 1959, Cuba overthrew the corruption and domination of capitalism and the mainly United States-based companies which had long oppressed the Cuban people. For more than 60 years, Cuba has been a beacon of inspiration to Socialists around the world with its health and social care system and its provision of education, while its government worked to transform the standard of life of all its people.

Throughout that time, Cuba has been under attack from the United States: successive US administrations have levied measure after measure over the decades to destroy the Cuban economy and demoralise the Cuban people, seeking to impede at every turn the further development of the Cuban Revolution.

Today, Cuba is facing fresh, intensified US-imposed sanctions – at a time when in common with the rest of the world, it is dealing with the COVID pandemic. As a result, it is desperately in need of international aid.

For 30 years, the Communist Soviet Union provided Cuba with the help it needed as a result of US sanctions in building its Revolution. The Socialist Labour Party calls on Communist China to give the same level of support that the Soviet Union gave to Cuba for 30 years and that the United States is giving to countries which surround both China and the People’s Republic of Korea.

The United States provides aid to those countries which support its system and accept US domination. The Socialist Labour Party calls on the government of China to provide the same levels of support and aid to Cuba and its people who not only need but deserve that support.


Arthur Scargill

Leader, Socialist Labour Party

President, National Union of Mineworkers, 1982-2002

19 July 2021

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