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Dealing with Coronavirus Now

I warned that the UK and all its people would be facing a massive increase in people with a positive test result and that the death rate would be disastrous unless the UK had a complete lock down. A lockdown which shut down all pubs and all workplaces, except essential sections such as the NHS and food manufacturers where all staff should be provided with protective outfits covering them from head to toe. I also opposed any return to Schools, College's and Universities which any fool would know they would be a breeding ground for this dreadful virus.

Moving Areas or Regions up a grade will not stop the spread unless the UK adopts the methods which are used in China and a few (very few) other countries. This is to contain the virus with a drug to cure and a vaccine to prevent this dreadful disease.

All testing should be undertaken by NHS Surgeries and NHS Laboratories. If China and it's laboratories can test 9 million in 5 days then Britain's National Health Service can test 67 million within 12 weeks, provided we provide the NHS with the billions of pounds the government is handing to private companies who put profits before people.

In March/April the NHS came to our aid and millions applauded all the brilliant NHS staff who gave their all for us. It's now our turn to return their sacrifice by providing the equipment and salaries to our wonderful Nationalised NHS.

We can start by implementing a national lockdown, start a testing scheme through our NHS Surgeries and stopping the Multinational Billionaires from stealing our wonderful NHS.


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