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Biden's War

Saudi Oil Windfall Tops $65billion

While the rest of us suffer massive inflation, high prices and lower real incomes and pensions, there are those having a lovely war at your expense. The Socialist Labour Party will expose those making massive profits from Biden’s war.

Since the U.S. President, Joe Biden went crawling to Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, the Kingdom’s Sheik’s are enjoying a lovely war as oil income has doubled in the second quarter of this year. The Saudi state-controlled oil giant, Aramco, has received a massive windfall of $65billion in oil revenues, but decided to keep the windfall to itself and not increase dividends. Good work if you can get it!

Instead, the oil giant made payments to the government which owns 94 percent of the company, meaning the Sheiks, who run the totally undemocratic country, ignoring “normal democratic norms” and are regarded by many in the U.S. Senate as having been involved in the murder of Saudi/American Journalist, Jamal Khoshoggi, received more than $65billion in the period, up from $35billion a year earlier, this according to statements released on Monday (15 August 2022.)

So, while the rest of us pay for this Biden created war, it’s a lovely war for some.

Ken Capstick, Yorkshire Region 15/08/2022

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