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Beam and Mote Diplomacy

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The British Government, The BBC, and the majority of the UK's media's protests at the decision by the Government in Hong Kong once again exposes its hypocrisy in respect of its propaganda against China. Yet again the UK conveniently ignores its own past.

In 1988 the British Government  banned all voices of Sinn Fein and other Irish Republican groups on TV and Radio. 

We have not forgotten the British Government's role in banning organisations in India, Kenya and Rhodesia and many more of its Colonies. and 80 years ago the British Government banned the Communist newspaper the Daily Worker.  The Capitalist  West has infiltrated all Socialist Parties and all Trade Unions and individual Leaders. It is political hypocrisy to condemn another country when it has for decades done the same thing.                                       

Arthur Scargill 17.6.2021                                                   

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