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Barmy Western elites are World War 2 re-enacters

Rob Hawkins, Cornwall, 26.1.2023

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well, we can throw in the US encouragement of Japanese militarism, so as to frighten China, etc. On top of it all, the one potentially positive outcome of WW2, the UN, has been undermined systematically, for example, over the yearly Cuba vote, where - would you guess it ?- Zelensky's regime , alongside Israel, the usual suspect backs the US in face of about 150 other states !!! I note that Prince Harry has written pointedly of the UK press barons, notably Viscount* Rothermere and Rupert Murdoch . If a not very discriminating young man can see the immense cowardice and harm these people do, surely we all can ? How,then,can any worker swallow the line such war-mongering "privateers" pu…

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