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Banner Theatre production: The Battle of Saltley Gate

A number of people who were at Saltley in 1972 have been invited to the meeting and will speak about their experiences. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery are updating their digital collection and will film people from BIrmingham asking what the event on 10th February, 1972 meant to them.

Banner Theatre will be performing in the following locations subject to confirmation.

30 April Bolton 1st May Band 1 May BTUC Saltley Gate Production - Birmingham. See above. 3 May Southampton. 10 May Coventry? 14 May East Riding and Hull ?? May/June Blackburn 8 July Durham Gala ? TBC 15 July Tolpuddle ?? September - Worcester TBC 17 Nov. Carlisle 18/19 November Dumfries

More in the pipeline! The Battle of Saltley Gate and other Banner Theatre productions can be booked in locations across the U.K. Dave Rogers Banner Theatre Email: Telephone: 0121 523 6581 Mobile: 0787 8848 695 websites: Banner Theatre:

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